Your Pictures with Coco & Lafe!

Cheryl from Farmers Market at Farmpark in Kirtland, OH, Aug 2011.
 South Pasadena Farmer’s Market – Pasadena, CA – March 2011
Food Warrior Summer 2011 Davey Monzon with Coco and Lafe!
Mineral Farmer’s Market – Mineral, VA – September 2010
This photo was sent in from Becky Vigon, the market manager, and from left to right in the photo are: Becky Vigon, Bernice Wilson-Kube, Vice-Mayor of Mineral, VA, Coco, Lafe, and Pam Harlowe, Mayor. Coco and Lafe were presented with a “key to the city” – a tiny town with 400 residents! Becky says, “We had a blast and can’t wait to have them again this year.”
Tiffany Lapeer, market manager for North Union Farmers Market at Crocker Park, with Coco and Lafe, August 2011.
Coco with man with John Deere fan at North Union Farmers Market in Lakewood, August 2011.

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