Local Food Delivery By Bike: Meet Ed from Arbor Cycle

Hi National Audience!

This is about bike delivery, because biking is awesome. Last summer, I decided to start a project that would exemplify this concept, Arborcycle. It wasn’t a new idea, not really. I’ve gotta give some props here to Harvestcycle; they are based out of Sarasota, Florida.

Anyways, it’s been a year and bikes are kicking ass.  Bike sales are up and bike based business like VeloVeggies (Minnesota), From Earth to Kitchen (New York), and SoupCycle (Oregon) are popping up all over the place. By biking fresh veggies to you, we are paving the way for a new system of distribution and solving a problem of many major cities: cars.

Yeh, cars, it’s been run over again and again (yes, I went there). Quite simply, the car is not a efficient mode of transportation for a city. Take the city of, I don’t know, Ann Arbor, the place where I live and work, the streets through which I commute daily, sometimes with a trailer and a banner, traversing that narrow space between curb and certain death, or near fatal injury.

Ann Arbor has a population of 114,024, of which 32% are university students, (thanks wikipedia!). The residents of Ann Arbor are quite fierce about their parking, some of the tallest structures in the city are parking garages, and the major project for the next year: an underground parking garage. No worries on that score then, we have plenty of parking here, so bring your car and join the party.


Ride a bike. It’s fun, it’s great exercise and you get complimentary anti-guilty points because you saved the environment! There are some other key points about bikes: in the city they are faster, you can lock up your bike right outside your destination, and sometimes even bring your bike inside. Thank you thoughtful business people!

Bikes can move easily down small alleyways and get from one side of town to the other faster than a car; even with 70 pounds slowing you down. Arborcycle’s current setup includes a small burley trailer with a 70-pound load limit, but there are plans to upgrade to the ever popular Bikesatwork trailer with a load limit of 300 pounds. Woohoo! The Burley trailer can carry most small loads, usually packed in a rubbermaid container. Items transported regularly include veggies, prepared food, fryer oil for retrofitted cars, furniture, other bikes, and coffee.

Recently, prepared foods have been my most common bike companion. Local companies like Harvest Kitchen and Eat Catering make lunch and dinner items which travel by bike to their destination. For busy people in the Ann Arbor area these companies make a healthy lifestyle that much easier. Connecting you to healthy food and a guilt-free two wheel alternative? Yes, I say, Yeah-S.

This is just the beginning, there are many other markets that can utilize bike transportation to their benefit. I’m not canceling out cars at all here, although I have been talking like it. I was born into the culture of the car and like driving and used to eat fast food. French fries are awesome! Truly, I doubt anyone has a desire to bike an entire season’s worth of squash from farm to door. But once that squash gets to town? A bike is definitely the way to go.

There is an important point here, that I might have missed. Biking is different than driving.  I know… a real shocker, but ride a bike and see how it changes you. When you bike or walk you have to be a part of your environment, everyday, you have to breath the air, feel the cold and the sun on your skin. The bubble principal of a motor vehicle no longer applies, interaction is required and checking out is out. Biking changes the world, and it can change your world, if you let it.

My name is Edward Weymouth and I’ve been riding since my first two wheeled bike in middle school (which had five gears and a gear shift, like the stick shift in a car…awesome). Check out the Arborcycle website for more info and Facebook/Twitter. You can always call or email for information, we’ll be starting a Kickstarter fund soon; if you feel like donating a few bucks, that’d be awesome.

Thank you to all the business that have helped Arborcycle get this far:

Harvest Kitchen, Roos Roast, Pot and Box, Vegpower, Tantre Farms, By The Pound, Spoke N Spoon, Eat Catering, Think Local First, Great Lakes Cycle, Two Wheel Tango. Woohoo! Y’all rock!

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