Food and Film: A Love Story

Ever since the widespread release of the movie Food, Inc. in the summer of 2009, film and food seem to be on a honeymoon of sorts. New flicks documenting the state of our food system are released almost as frequently as the cows need milking, and food film festivals have been taking place in cities coast to coast (some of the biggest scheduled for 2011 are in NYC and Chicago, but in the past festivals have also been held in Kansas, Tennessee, Alaska, Texas and Oregon).

When I lived in New Hampshire, I worked to organize a committee of local community members to plan our 3rd Annual “Feast on This Film Festival.” To pick which movies we wanted to show we searched Google, Netflix, and at the local public library. Our list of possible films quickly grew to over 58 movies and I have no doubt this list would be much larger now.

Just after moving back to my home state of Michigan, I was excited to learn that a handful of Ann Arbor organizations and businesses were knee-deep in planning the Michigan Good Food Film Festival. This event, to be held at Washtenaw Community College on Tuesday, February 28, 2011 from 6-9pm, is a traditional film festival–where filmmakers submit entries into a competition–with an über-local twist–Michigan students and community members are urged to consider what good food means to them. I’m looking forward to going and seeing all the new films from budding filmmakers about food and farming in Michigan. Hope to see you there!

Looking for some inspiring food and farming movies for your next event? Here are some of my personal favorites:

Movies I haven’t seen but I’ve heard great things about:

And Coming Soon–movies still in production that look really, really good:

Voracious for Vegetables,


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2 Responses to Food and Film: A Love Story

  1. LOVE the Real Dirt on Farmer John…fabulous film about life and right livelihood, as well as farming and food. And documentary lovers, check out EATING ALASKA. Ellen, a big city vegetarian moves to Alaska and marries a commercial fisherman and hunter, and begins to ponder what is “the right thing to eat.” A quirky, funny and serious quest for a meal that makes sense politically, socially, spiritually and tastefully. On select PBS stations in April for Earth Day (check your local listings) and available on DVD.

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