Top 100 Farmers Market Photos : 15K searched. 100 chosen.

Over 15,ooo photos have been posted to Real Time Farms since the site’s launch last April. That’s the work of everyday people like you and me… crazy awesome, right?!

To honor National Farmers Market Week, Real Time Farms’ Gastronomic Guru Lindsay-Jean Hard and Co-Founder Cara Rosaen sifted through the 15K photos to find the Top 100.

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There is reason to celebrate. The USDA’s yearly poll of markets shows the number of farmers markets has risen AGAIN this year, this time by 17%, raising the grand total from 6132 to 7175 markets nationwide.

This giant set of data has been made open to the public by the USDA. This is huge! It means people like us and the Eat Well Guide can use the data – import it into our sites, sprinkle on our own flair and features, and help more customers find markets near them. Thanks USDA!

We agree with Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, when she said farmers markets “are a critical ingredient in our nation’s food system”. (Quoted in a USDA press release, 8/5/11)

Celebrate them! Visit a market. Take some pics. Share them on Real Time Farms!

You’ll keep everyone goin’ back to their market for some more! (And who knows? Maybe your picture will be featured next year!)

Are you a self-declared market fanatic?

Happy National Farmers Market Week everyone!

The Real Time Farms Team

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