Our First 16 Food Warriors: A Documented Success!

Over the course of the summer, our 16 Food Warriors in Boulder, LA, Michigan, New York, and Seattle have collectively visited over 90 farms and 40 food artisans and documented 125 farmer’s markets through photos, writing, and video!

They have contributed 5,092 photos to the site! Here are some of the best:

“By visiting the farmers markets and local farms, I learned things I never would have gotten from a classroom format at any college,” -Susanna Zammit (Riverview, MI)

Food Warriors loved talking with farmers and seeing how enthusiastic many of them are about their work. They enjoyed the opportunity to improve their interviewing, blogging, and photography skills and one Food Warrior even says she will be decorating her apartment this fall with photographs she took during the course of the internship!

“I not only had the chance to learn, see, and share where food comes from in my area, I got to be a part of something big and feel like I was making a difference in food transparency across the entire country!” -Chelsea Burns (Seattle, WA)

Still accepting applications for the fall program! Applications due August 27th.

Stay Fresh,

Lindsay Partridge, Kernel Colonel, Director of the Food Warrior Internship Program

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2 Responses to Our First 16 Food Warriors: A Documented Success!

  1. Congratulations to the Food Warriors. We would love to have any of you in the greater-Seattle region come visit us at the Greenbank Farm Agricultural Training Center for new farmers on Whidbey Island. Our students go to market each week but also do lots of other things too.

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