Check out our new “grow the guide” and “add an eatery” pages!

We want to know where our food comes from. The food system, as you well know, is complex. So we want our part of it to be as simple and accessible as possible.

Real Time Farms does two things simultaneously.

#1) We (as in the crowd-sourced we) document farms, artisans, and producers by taking pictures at fields and at farmers markets – to show the story behind the food on your plate. We all contribute to the dynamic database of the people who feed us – we all grow the guide.

#2) We have this rocking tool for eateries – a menu management platform that allows kitchens to use our tools to farm-link individual ingredients and then embed that code onto their own website to show the menu. Instantaneously updated, fully vibrant, no more clunky pdfs, and more economical than paying your own tech department to build the same thing. Some of us work in eateries and want to share our menu’s story.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and utilization of these pages! With your work and help, we are bringing transparency to the food system.

Real Time Farms: Know Where Your Food Comes From.

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