Shine a Light on Our Food System. Take Pics. Post. Win.

It’s FOOD DAY 2012! Shed light on our food system!

Drumroll please……here is a heat map of farmers, food artisans, and food distributors on Real Time Farms (thanks to you!). As you know Real Time Farms is powered by the people. We can all put our local farms and food artisans on the map!

What is Food Day and how can I help you might ask?

Food Day 2012 Plan for Awesomeness:                                                                                           1. Visit your local farmers market or farm.                                                                                     2. Fill your bellies with insane goodness.                                                                                       3. Take pics while you’re there.                                                                                                         4. Get home. Post them to Real Time Farms.                                                                                 5. Cook with friends and family. Fill your belly again (note: now it’s double insane                   goodness) and smile knowing you’ve put your farmer on the map.

“Sites like this are what keep us going when we don’t have time to market our farm ourselves.” Karen Warner, Farmer

All Day today, Monday Oct. 24th, as photos stream in, we’ll pick the best. Best Photo WINS 100% Organic Cotton American Apparel Real Time Farms T-shirt!

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