Video Blog: Surfing Goat Dairy

Weave down the slopes of Maui’s Haleakala Crater through shimmying palm trees and sugar cane, ecstatic in the wind, to acclaimed Surfing Goat Dairy. You may be surprised to find German expats Eva and Thomas Kafsack tending their goats and producing Certified Humane, gourmet cheese and chocolates on these 42 acres overlooking the sea. The Kafsack’s moved to Maui from the German Island Sylt in the North Sea over a decade ago. Sylt hosts a world competition for windsurfing, yet Maui’s world famous windsurfing tempted the adventurous duo to relocate.
The Kafsack’s make their artisan cheeses daily from freshly pumped milk. The Certified Humane production does not use growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or hidden ingredients. The pastures are organic. Surfing Goat cheeses have received eighteen awards in the past three years from various associations such as the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Cheese Society.

Carrie Stiles

Fall 2011 Portland Food Warrior

This post is from one of the interns in the Real Time Farms Food Warrior Fall Internship Program. These interns were in Asheville, Austin, Nashville, Portland and San Francisco, collecting data, pictures, and video on the growing practices of our nation’s farms, gathering food artisans’ stories, and documenting farmers markets. We all deserve to know where our food comes from! (Winter/Spring 2012 Interns will be blogging from Atlanta, Austin, the Bay Area, and throughout Hawaii soon!)

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