Farm Fresh Reading for Kids

It’s no secret kids love farms… Old MacDonald, anyone?

I recently stumbled across two beautiful children’s books by Pacific Northwest authors about farmers markets!

Photo source

To Market, To Market, by the tremendously talented Nikki McClure, follows a mother and son to the weekly farmers market, as “the reader learns how each particular food was grown or produced, from its earliest stages to how it ended up at the market. To Market, to Market is a timely book that shines awareness on the skill that goes into making good food” (Source).

Awesome! The art is beautiful, the story so meaningful.

Another great farmers market book I picked up in my local bookstore is A Day at the Market, by Sara Anderson, about Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.

“Sara Anderson captures the essence of the Market she treasures–not only its friendly cacophony, but also the richness of its colorful community, the secrets of its many nooks and crannies, and its irresistible summer bounty.”




Bright, beautiful, and charming!

There are definitely many familiar scenes in this lovely book – I can’t wait to share it with all the kids (and kids-at-heart) I know!

There are many beautiful children’s books that celebrate the festive air, bright colors, and local flavors of a farmers market, but these two are regionally near and dear to me!

Do you have any favorite kid’s books that share the story of a farm or farmers market?

Reading away in Seattle,


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