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Farm Fresh Reading for Kids

It’s no secret kids love farms… Old MacDonald, anyone? I recently stumbled across two beautiful children’s books by Pacific Northwest authors about farmers markets! Photo source To Market, To Market, by the tremendously talented Nikki McClure, follows a mother and … Continue reading

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Savor the Season: Cabbage and Apple

Who doesn’t love a good slaw? Beautiful purple cabbages and red apples combine to make a bright dish during dreary winter days. I combined 1/2 a head of cabbage, sliced and diced with an apple chopped bite size. No tried … Continue reading

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Peasful Places

Greetings from Seattle! I made a pleasant discovery just a few blocks from my home this week: Peasful pods resting under a burlap quilt. Corn practicing yoga. And happy (and mustachioed) tomatoes keeping an eye on things. What’s going on … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference: Honey

What’s the difference, indeed. Honey is most definitely a product of where it’s made. Depending on the nectar the bees collect, honey will vary hugely in flavor and coloring. That’s why you’ll see different flavors (example: Tupelo Honey, Clover Honey) … Continue reading

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Have You Tried: Rutabagas?

Have you? Or have you just walked by the waxy little orbs of root vegetable thinking, “those purple turnips over there look awfully pretty” or “I guess I’ll just get more carrots, you can’t go wrong with carrots” or “Root … Continue reading

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Pike Place Market

Hello from Seattle! I took a walk to Pike Place Market today. As you may know, Pike Place Market is a huge Seattle attraction, featuring fellas flinging fish, the first Starbucks, unique shops, and stalls filled with produce and food … Continue reading

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