Fall Food Warriors: A Force of Change

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120 farms visited, 195 markets documented, 55 food artisans interviewed, 9,050 photos uploaded by Food Warriors so far. Here are some of the best photos from our fall interns, located in the Bay Area, Portland,  Nashville and North Carolina. Accepting winter applications until December 30th!

Stay Fresh,

Lindsay Partridge, Kernel Colonel: Food Warrior Program

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4 Responses to Fall Food Warriors: A Force of Change

  1. chefbrian1 says:

    Great Pictures.
    Where can I get some of that bread?


  2. ASA says:

    yes, incredible photos-you can almost taste the food!
    I just picked up the writing of our farm blog following what we are doing in on a biodynamic farm Sonoma growing for our 3 restaurants. I love what you are doing.

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