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HausBar Farms: Imagine the Compostability!

Dorsey Barger pries the top off of a 4 foot tall waste container and steps aside.  A subtle odor carried by the pre-storm breeze slithers out and wriggles into my nasal cavities.  Decomposing meat.  Not offensive, necessarily, but instinct drives … Continue reading

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Composting: San Francisco Style

This post is from one of the 16 interns in the Real Time Farms Food Warrior Summer Internship Program (our Fall 2011 Food Warriors will be starting soon!). These interns are collect data, pictures, and video on the growing practices of our … Continue reading

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Composting: From Fork to Farm

I wrote a series titled Farm to Fork detailing my visits to Ann Arbor, MI farms and could not resist the pun reversal. My grandparents on their farm taught me to take the byproducts of cooking and feed them back … Continue reading

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Composting 101

What is composting? “Composting is a process for converting decomposable organic materials into useful stable products” (thanks Wikipedia!). This mean that you can take your kitchen scraps and yard clippings, and turn them into a fertilizer-type soil additive to use … Continue reading

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